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Restricting unauthorized access to your building or sections of your building is the first line of defense. Hawkeye offers a wide range of access control systems, from small keypad controlled single door control solutions to large multi facility card access and biometric solutions. We can design systems to restrict access to specific doors to authorized persons by time, day and even specific holidays.  Audit trail reports can be created to allow you to view the times and days persons entered the building or specific doors and also if illegal entry was attempted by unauthorized areas.  The following options can also be incorporated:

  • Integrated Badging Services : this would allow you to create your own Identification cards which can also double as your access cards and would be ideal for instant card issuing for large organizations or companies with a large number of employees.
  • Integration with CCTV : Access control systems can be designed to seamlessly integrate with your CCTV system to alert you of potential problems before they happen. For example if an unauthorized user tried to access and area or if a door was held open too long, the access control system would immediately show a live video feed of the event and allow access to recorded information. It can also be used to compare the Photo ID of someone with a live video feed of the person entering for maximum security.
  • Biometrics : For high security applications, biometric solutions such as fingerprint or hand geometry are also available.  The use of this technology allows you to verify that identity of the persons entering without a shadow of a doubt.
  • Visitor Management : This allows front desk personnel to enter all the details of persons entering or leaving a facility by capturing the information electronically rather than by manual logs for easy record keeping. The information can also be automatically entered by scanning the drivers license of the visitor and all details would be captured.
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