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Intercom Systems

With an Intercom system, you can combine the security and convenience of being able to both hear and see who is at your door or gate before you allow entry. We offer both hardwired intercoms and the more convenient telephone intercom system.

Hardwired intercoms used dedicated intercom equipment to communicate between visitors, guards stations tenants/home owners. And we offer solutions from small single family homes to large multitenant apartments or townhouse complexes.   Hardwired intercoms have some inherent benefits:

  • Integrated Video – This improves the security of the complex by now allow you to see a live video feed of your visitor.
  • No monthly costs – The communication uses dedicated wires and therefore there would be no monthly telephone charges
  • No telephone  needed – More and more home owners and no longer using landline telephone service and dedicate intercom is the best solution to address this.

Telephone Intercoms Hawkeye is the sole distributor in Jamaica for Door King which specializes in telephone intercom systems. This unique communication system allows a homeowner or business to utilize their telephone(s) as an intercom to speak to a front door or entry gate and granting access by simply pressing a number (Eg 9 )on their phone. There is no need for intercom stations or the running of wires.  Telephone Intercoms are normally a good investments for large complexes especially if the complex is not a new development.

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