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Key Management

Managing keys, especially a large quantity of keys, can be very challenging and keeping these keys secure even more.  Hawkeye Electronic Security Limited is the local agents for Morse Watchman Inc. the world leader in Key Management Systems through its KeyWatcher product.

The Keywatcher System restricts access of any key to authorized person only by the use of an access code or fingerprint and access card for high security applications.  You decide who has permission to access specific keys, as well as the date and time that these keys can be accessed.  The Keywatcher also provides an audit trail allowing mangers to track the date and time the key was removed, whether these keys are overdue, by whom it was removed, and the date and time replaced.

Managers can also be notified by email of potential problems such as:

  • Multiple invalid code entry
  • Key not returned in time
  • A key is returned by the wrong user
  • If the key is removed by force.
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