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Tuxedo Touch

Take your home security system to a new level by using a Tuxedo Touch Keypad in place of a standard Honeywell Keypad. The Tuxedo Touch is a touch screen keypad that comes with the following features:

  • View Honeywell Cameras – Up to 4 Cameras can be connected and viewed from the Keypad
  • Home automation – Turn lights on/off, turn appliances on/off, open and close doors using wireless Z-wave technology .
  • Turn your Keypad into a picture Frame by loading your favorite family pictures on a SD card.
  • Leave voice messages for family members.
  • Remote access – Access you system remotely from a browser on your phone, tablet or computer and perform all functions as if you were infront of the keypad including:
    • Arm/Disarm
    • View cameras
    • Control lights
    • Open/Close doors

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