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An Electric Fence System consists of electric wires carrying high voltage electric pulses that provide a non-lethal shock to an intruder. Tampering with the fence results in an alarm activation, which is transmitted to our 24-hour monitoring center and an armed response team is dispatched to investigate the intrusion and/or intrusion is verified through remote video surveillance.

The electric wire barrier can be installed as a full height or wall top fence that makes intrusion by way of climbing or cutting extremely difficult.

The need for higher levels of security to deter intruders is growing worldwide. Whereas in the past a security fence was merely a passive physical barrier, the reality of today's world prescribes the use of an active intrusion detection system that reacts to any intrusion attempts, preventing or delaying intruder access and one that is not reliant on human surveillance.


When designing physical security systems, the Deter, Detect, Delay approach is normally used and the Electric Fence meets all three.

Deter : high voltage shock combined with a physical barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate the Electric Fence.

Detect : If anyone tries to tamper or breach the fence, it will detect the breach and activate an alarm.

Delay : All walls and fences create physical barriers and serves to delay possible intruders. The electric fence takes this a step further making it more difficult to breach the wall/fence.

Advantages of the Electric Fence

  • Provides a major psychological barrier to deter intrusion attempts in addition to it detecting intrusion attempts.
  • Provides a higher level of detection capability to detect any intrusion attempt and triggers a local and monitored alarm.
  • Easy installation on an existing perimeter wall or fence, or as a stand- alone fence around a section of the property.
  • Human contact with the fence will provide an electric shock that will teach the person (who is not an intruder) to avoid any future contact with the electric fence.
  • The electric wires serve as a significant deterrent as well as great detection device when installed on top of an existing perimeter wall, it is more cost effective than installing razor wire or security spikes.
  • Provides an additional physical barrier that deters the thought of an intrusion.
  • Considerably reduces the cost of physical security personnel.
  • Very low false alarm threshold

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