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Statistics show that every 7 hours a vehicle is stolen in Jamaica and only 10% are ever recovered. Let Hawkeye protect you against vehicle theft and carjacking with our new HawkTracker Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

HawkTracker is the most advanced vehicle tracking system available with real time tracking to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle anywhere in Jamaica. Once your vehicle is located on our digital map, one of our Armed Response Teams would immediately be dispatched and the Police notified so that recovery process can be accomplished in the fastest possible time.

Installation takes an average of about 2 to 3 hours and is done either at our Kingston or Montego Bay office.

All HawkTracker systems include a discrete panic button installed in your vehicle so in the event of a carjacking, the panic button can be activated sending a silent alarm to our 24 Hour Monitoring Center notifying us of the situation and ensuring that help is on the way. Other features include a remote key fob panic button (additional cost) and engine immobilizer. The remote panic enables you to alert our Monitoring Center to a distress situation if it occurs while outside of your vehicle. The engine immobilizer enables our Monitoring Center Supervisor to remotely shutdown the engine of your vehicle if necessary.

HawkTracker Plus

This is our most advanced solution that offers all the benefits of the Hawktarcker plus a few more. HawkTracker Plus allows you to use an App on your cellular phone or computer to arm the tracking device. If the vehicle is moved or stolen, it will send you an email notification alerting you of the possible theft. Hawktracker Plus is also equipped with a crash alert that would let us know if you have met in an accident and we will send the necessary help if needed.

Don’t become a victim to car theft, install a HawkTracker system today.


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