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In today’s world, safety and security have become a primary concern for all. The numerous reports of incidents that threaten and endanger our lives are now at an alarming proportion, In light of this, it is important that we develop a heightened sense of awareness of our surroundings at all times. Below are some security tips for you while in your vehicle, at home and at your business.

 Personal Security

  • When going walking, arrange to have a companion go with you
  • Plan your route and use well lit streets
  • Watch for loiterers and do not carry large sums of money
  • Avoid secluded and dark areas
  • It is recommended that you carry a shoulde bag, it is harder to grab
  • Be vigilant. Check to see if you are being followed
  • If you are being followed by someone on foot, change direction or head to a crowded place
  • Be aware of your surroundings especially as you enter your premises and trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable, leave
  • Always take careful notice of your location (address, landmarks etc)
  • Know your neighbourhood, the nearest police station, hospital and other emergency facilities
  • Always have your keys ready; this will enable quicker entry to your home
  • When using public transportation, sit near the driver if there are not many passengers.
  • When travelling in a taxi, where possible, advice someone of the vehicle licence number and type of vehicle.

Security in your Vehicle

  • Have your keys ready so you do not fumble when getting into your vehicle
  • Before getting into your vehicle, check quickly to see that everything is the same as you left it
  • Always keep your doors locked and windows either totally or partially wound up
  • Always be alert when driving especially at stop signs and traffic signals
  • If you think you are being followed, do not go home. Head to the nearest police station or oublic place and call for help
  • Try not to travel alone at nights. Also avoid driving your vehicle with very little gas.
  • Do not leave packages and valuables such as cameras, laptops etc in sight. Lock them in the trunk or put them out of sight.
  • Install a vehicle tracking system

Security at Home

  • Keep emergency numbers such as Police, Ambulance and Fire near, or programmed in your phone
  • Lock your doors while you are at home, whether working in the yard or leaving for a few minutes
  • Always keep window shades and curtains drawn at nights
  • Install grills and use sturdy locks
  • Keep hedges trimmed to avoid providing cover for burgulars
  • Keep entrances well lit. Replace defective bulbs quickly
  • Do not hide ‘spare’ house keys outside
  • Change all locks before moving into a new house
  • Install a security alarm system

If your Home is Burglarized

  • If your home has been burglarized, do not enter, call the police
  • If you believe an intruder is in your home, do not confront him
  • If you are attacked by an aunarmed assailant, you may be able to fight back, but consider the action carefully. It is always best to shout for assistance
  • Do not resist, co-operate
  • Do not make sudden, unexpected moves. A nervous criminal may think you are reaching for a concealed weapon
  • If the suspect claims he has a weapon, never try to force his bluff
  • Never play hero by trying to apprehend the criminal yourself

Security at your Business

  • Do not leave windows open overnight
  • Ensure that valuables are secured in a safe
  • Use dual custody drop safes for storing cash
  • Glass panels should have a break resistant film
  • After closing sliding door, place a wooden strip in the track to prevent door from sliding if tampered with
  • Do not install door hinges on the outside where they can be tamperd with
  • Reinforce perimeter walls of warehouses by installing metal sheeting on the inside of the walls
  • Shred all confidential documents before disposal

Security Information

The sharing of security information is very important to help keep you and other persons in communities safe.
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