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Hawkeye Electronic Security Warranty

Hawkeye Electronic Security Limited, (“Hawkeye”) shall repair or replace, without charge, any merchandise that proves to be defective in material or workmanship for a period of six months from the date of system completion or upon beneficial use, whichever comes first, with the  following exceptions:

  1. Material
    - CCTV hardware/equipment – 1 Year
    - Access control hardware/equipment only – 1 Year
    - Software – No Warranty
    - DIY products including Smanos
  2. Workmanship
    - Repair, Replace or Maintenance of an existing system – 3 months

The Client's remedies hereunder and under any implied warranties including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness are expressly limited to repair or replacement as stated above. Hawkeye assumes no risk and shall not be subject to liability for damages or loss resulting from the specific use or application made of the Products or Services.

In no event will Hawkeye be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages (including loss of use, loss of profit and claims of third parties) however caused, whether by the negligence of Hawkeye or otherwise.

Not withstanding above, Hawkeye shall ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty on goods supplied is available to the client if such warranty is longer than the Hawkeye warranty and if such warranty is available to Hawkeye. Cost for shipping, transportation, duties & taxes for this extended period will not be covered under warranty and will be for the account of the client.

The warranty above does not apply to the conditions listed below and in the event the Client calls the Company for service under the warranty and upon inspection by the Company's representative it is found that one of these conditions has led to the inoperability or apparent inoperability of the system, a Service Charge shall apply for the service call even where work on the system has not been performed.   Should it actually be necessary to make repairs to the system due to one of the "Conditions not covered by Warranty", a charge will be made for such work at Hawkeye's then applicable rates for labour and material.

Terms & Conditions Not Covered by Warranty
  • Damage resulting from accidents, acts of God, alteration, misuse, tampering and abuse.
  • Failure of the Client to properly close or secure a door, window or other points protected by a burglar alarm device.
  • Failure of the Client to properly follow operating instructions provided by Hawkeye at time of installation.
  • Damage caused by electrical surges or trouble due to interruption of commercial electric power.
  • Failure of any batteries, transformers or surge protectors used in the operation of the system.
  • Failure of other equipment or software not installed or supplied by Hawkeye, but interacts with the Hawkeye supplied equipment.
  • Unauthorized repairs or the dismantling of equipment by someone other than Hawkeye or its authorized agents.
  • Failure of Equipment or software due to the presence of Malware or viruses.
  • Damage due to corrosion and extreme environmental conditions.
  • All other services beyond the control of Hawkeye.

Service pursuant to the Warranty of the Maintenance service provisions stated above will be furnished by Hawkeye during the hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except public holidays.  Hawkeye shall have full and free access to the equipment to perform the services thereon.  Services rendered outside the normal working hours of  Hawkeye are not within the scope of this Warranty.

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