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When we engaged you for our security it was based on my confidence in your personal integrity and professionalism as the business had no track record at that time. Now twenty-five (25) years later I would like to congratulate you on the years of service that you have offered to William Wilson Limited. It has been a pleasure doing business with your organization which is run at a degree of professionalism worthy of the first world. I wish you continued success and the very best for another twenty-five (25) years.

19 Constant Spring Road Kingston 10
February 20, 2013
  - Wiilliam Wilson Limited t/a The Paint Shop  Mr. Malcolm McDonald – Managing Director Wiilliam Wilson Limited t/a The Paint Shop
Hawkeye means service and they are always on time whenever there are any kind of security issue, their team is efficient and always there for us.

I remember an incident in 1988 during Hurricane Gilbert, my cousin’s store was being looted in Downtown Kingston and he did not have a contract with Hawkeye. I called for assistance and a team came and stayed through the night helping us and even stopped the looting of the store. This is a company that one can trust and rely on for any security reasons and to build a solid relationship with.

13 constant spring Road Shop #3 Kingston 10
January 31, 2013
  - Classic Jewellers  Mr. Gul Mansukhani – Managing Director Classic Jewellers
We are so confident with the service from your Company and this includes our children, when they are in Jamaica. Our daughter wanted to spend the New Year holidays in Jamaica alone and she asked if the Security Service was working and when we answered “Yes” she said she would spend the Holidays alone in our house. That is the trust that our family has in the security that you provide and we are still with the Company after 25 years.

Kingston 8
February 15, 2013
  - Mrs. Del Chai-Onn  Residential Customer Mrs. Del Chai-Onn
I chose HAWKEYE as the preferred electronic security services provider for my home back in 1988 because I was impressed with the products and services they offer.

I have remained with HAWKEYE these 25 years for many reasons including excellent customer service, reliability, quick response time, excellent Monitoring service, efficient management, easy accessibility, good interpersonal skills and the very best in security solutions and services.

Kingston 6
February 14, 2013
  - Mrs. Hilary Grant  Residential Customer Mrs. Hilary Grant
Hawkeye has been providing us with our security needs for both home and at our business places for over twenty (20) years…the customer service offered, in my estimation is second to none. The employees of your company are exceptional in execution of their duties. Their prompt response to our needs is paramount
  - Chung’s Catering   Chung’s Catering
Mother’s and Hawkeye have been working together for many years. We were one of their first customers. Their products and customer service as world class. We are very happy to have them as part of our team.
  - Mother’s Enterprise Ltd   Mother’s Enterprise Ltd
On the occasions we have had to call for assistance, we have not been disappionted by the rapid response of your team as well as the thoroughness expressed in ensuring that normality is restored. This is of utmost importance, particularly in an environment where children are being cared for. It has also engendered a sense of confidence, that the service you offer is truly an invaluable one.
  - Mustard Seed Communities   Mustard Seed Communities
I wish to use this medium to thank your management and staff that supported us by ensuring that we were safe during our period of crisis and turmoil. The support and coverage given by your men were phenominal; they removed the burden of having to worry about our safety by ensuring, at all times that, that we were safe.
  - Edgechem Jamaica Ltd.   Edgechem Jamaica Ltd.
We have been using your tracking system for the last four months and write to express our satisfactin with its performance. This system has been a remarkable asset to Tara Couriers as it has enabled us to:-

reduce our gas bills by 40%, and
lower maintenance costs by providing greater fleet control.

Furthermore, the customer service support and technical assistance that Hawkeye provides with its tracking system has proved to be efficient and reliable. It is a service that we value and have no hesitation in recommening to others
  - Tara Courier Services Ltd.   Tara Courier Services Ltd.
I am pleased to acknowledge that on both occassions over the Easter weekend when I checked the factory … your quick response team arrived within 5 minutes to investigate a disarm signal that was received at your Central Control.

Efficient Security Services assist us in protecting company assets in a hostile environment. Congratulations to you and your team!
  - McIntosh Bedding Company Ltd   McIntosh Bedding Company Ltd
The Management and Staff of Red Stripe wish to extend our gratitude and deep appreciation to your company for the services rendered to Red Stripe during the passage of Hurricane Ivan.

The courage and dedication displayed by your officers in the face of danger was admirable. Again, we extend our gratitude to you and your staff.
  - Red Stripe   Red Stripe
This morning between the hours of 6:00 to 7:00 a.m., my car was broken into and the contents stolen. I was quite distressed.

As I understand it, two of your employees, Mr. P. Grey and Mr. M. Hemmings, found my belongings in the Seymour Park area. After enquires made at the Constant Spring Police station, they were able to locate me at my workplace. Both gentlemen were thoroughly professional and courteous in ascertaining if I was the owner of the items they had found and in delivering the items to me.

I must commend you on the level of training of these employees, who have left a very positive impression of your organization and the services you provide.

September 2003
  - Haydee Gordon   Haydee Gordon
I wish to use this medium to express my sincere gratitude for the prompt and effective action of your Central Station as well as the Armed Response Team.

The intrusion at our location in August was addressed in a speedy and professional manner by your personnel; particularly in view of the fact that I was in the United States at the time.

The assistance you gave along with the vigilance after the incident with frequent patrols is further evidence of your commitment to a high quality of service to your customers.
  - Caribbean Label Crafts Ltd.   Caribbean Label Crafts Ltd.
I wish to place on record, our extreme satisfaction with the manner in which this contract was administered by your personnel. We always had the ability to conduct our business, knowing that our personal security was assured. In those instances where we requested a spot checking presence due to a flare up of attitudes in the surrounding area, the way in which your Response Team operated, resulted in nullification of these problems.
  - The University of the West Indies    The University of the West Indies
Gratefully use this medium to express our deep gratitude to the many well wishers that supported us by their presents, telephone calls and other expressions of goodwill in response to the unfortunate incidents of Tuesday, 20th April.

We extend a special thanks to members of the business community who demonstrated a high level of understanding at this time. We make mention also of the Half Way Tree Police and Hawkeye Electronics for their quick response.

We also thank members of staff who worked tirelessly to have the pharmacy reopened to continue serving our many valued customers.

Our desire is to offer an even better service in the years ahead.

  - The Management of New Molynes Pharmacy   The Management of New Molynes Pharmacy


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