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Our Security Officers are our most important asset at Hawkeye. We have a complement of over nineteen hundred (1900) Security Officers making us the third largest security guard company in the island. All our security officers undergo thorough background checks and they are all finger-printed, to ensure that they do not have a criminal record.

We are registered with the Private Sector Regulation Authority and all our security offices are as well. Some of our Security Officers have previous experience in the same capacity or are recruited directly from the Jamaica Defence Force, Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Correctional Service. Prior to being assigned, our Security Officers are trained at our in-house facilities and undergo eighty (80) hours of security guard training which entails all aspect of Security Operations. They are then given on-the-job training until they are fully compliant with all areas of responsibilities. We believe that our Security Officers are of the highest calibre available to properly secure your assets and we are able to supply at short notice adequate personnel to respond to any crisis you may have.

Event Security

If you are hosting an event, we also offer guarding services specifically designed to meet your needs. Whether the event is a small one such as a home party or a major event hosting tens of thousands of persons, we have the expertise and experience to ensure you have a safe and incident free function.

As part of this service we would provide free security advice on how to help keep your event safe and secure.


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