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The Hawkeye Logistics Fleet Management System is a cost-effective solution for improving the visibility and management of your fleet. Hawkeye Logistics is completely web-based, which means you can view you assets status on any internet connection. Hawkeye Logistics helps reduce operating expenses and improves your overall bottom line.

  • Eliminate employee moonlighting and overtime expenses
  • Monitor parameters such as speed, starts-stops, locations, and geo-fencing to increase security, ensure proper asset utilization
  • Automated email or text message instantly alerts fleet managers of any driver behavior, routing, or security breeches
  • Initiate or extend employee performance reward and incentive programs
  • Provide immediate driver emergency alert capability
  • Improve asset loss prevention and facilitate rapid recovery in cases of theft
  • Decrease wear and tear, and fuel costs by monitoring driving habits
  • Eliminate employee moonlighting and overtime costs
  • Improve workload distribution across the fleet
  • Provide greater billing accuracy and accurate employee work hours

Hawkeye Logistics is supported by our overseas partners utilizing a system built from the ground up using the latest in data transmission, data storage, and integration capabilities.
Track almost any asset:

  • Rental Vehicles
  • Leased Vehicles
  • Utility Trucks
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Jet Ski’s
  • Container’s


Our Fleet Management System is a
cost-effective solution for managing your fleet.
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