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Videofied is a unique video verification system that uses wireless motion viewers (motion detectors with a built in camera) and other sensors to detect intruders and immediately notify Hawkeye’s monitoring center of the alarm along with a 10s video clip of the alarm. Hawkeye can then verify and dispatch an armed response team if needed. What makes Videofied unique:

  • The entire system is fully wireless and does not require any power to operate. This makes it easy to install as well as it allows it to operate in areas with poor or no power supply.
  • Communicates over cellular –All communication of alarms and video clips is done over the cellular network allowing it to work almost anywhere in Jamaica.

Here’s the Concept

Already have a security system?


The XTENDER is the perfect solution. The Videofied® Upgrade is added to the existing security system and provides an additional layer of security.

Nothing in the current system changes, same keypad, codes, etc. Add Videofied® to any existing control panel.

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