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IP Systems

IP Systems

IP Video Management Systems is the latest technology now being deployed in the security industry. Just like you office phones, your computers and printers, your camera is now streaming video over a Ethernet network. When looking for a video solution IP solutions should be considered for the following reasons:

  • IP Cameras today are able to offer resolutions significantly higher than CCTV systems, up to 10 times in most cases and up to 50 times by one of our suppliers. This is the greatest advantage of IP as it makes once blurry images, crystal clear and more useful for evidence and decision making.
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure – If you already have a computer network and are a large facility, you may be able to leverage the existing cabling for transmission of video without having to run new cabling; resulting in decreased costs

All new technology is being built on IP.  If you are a growing company, it would be best to invest in IP over CCTV as you will be able to benefit from features, new products and technology changes much more.

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